Double Escape Room Trailer (Adventure)
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Double Escape Room Trailer (Adventure)


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This trailer has 2 Separate Escape Rooms inside it! Have a professional Escape Room at your next party or event! Our Double Escape Room trailer has several puzzles to solve and is a great team building event. Up to 6 people can enter each room of the trailer at one time. We can play 5minute, 15minute, 30minute, or 1hour long games. Test your skills and see if you can escape! 

Great for ALL Ages. We have simple puzzles that we can play for the younger kids, and more complex puzzles for adults! Our trailer rents for a 3 hour minimum. Call our office for more info!

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What is The Escape Room Trailer Based on (The Story)?

The Mermaid's Escape

In the midst of the Golden Age of Piracy, pirates, mermaids, and sea creatures rule the ocean. Captain Keyhauler, a fearsome, one hooked pirate in the Caribbean, collects the rarest treasures and stores them aboard The Siren, the crown jewel of his pirate fleet.  Recently, Keyhauler has captured Aria the Mermaid. As he celebrates on the pirate island of Tortuga, ye and ye crew sneak aboard in hopes of releasing the mermaid back into the sea. Can ye and ye crew set sail, chart a course, and help release Aria before the Captain catches up aboard The Countess, an even faster ship?

The Temple of Razum

You and your team are on a treasure expedition in a land that seems like time forgot. In the clearing, you have found a hidden temple, but before you enter you must prove you are worthy. In the distance you can hear the local tribe getting closer, so you will need to hurry! You must find a way into the temple, watch out for any traps, solve the hidden mysteries, and get yourself out before the tribe comes for you! Are you the next world-famous explorer or just another ornament for the Temple Razum?


  • Standard Electrical Outlet
  • Safe place to park the trailer
  • The trailer comes with an operator that will stay at your event and be in the trailer with the participants.

Professional delivery to Springdale, AR, Fayetteville, AR, Siloam Springs, AR, Van Buren, AR, Rogers, AR, Fort Smith, AR, Alma, AR, Booneville, AR, Bentonville, AR. Please contact us if your city is not listed.

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